Celebrating Women in Engineering

June 23rd is International Women in Engineering Day and we are celebrating by spotlighting Adriannis Suarez, a civil engineer and project manager with KPM Franklin. Adriannis has worked at KPM Franklin for more than four years and is a vital member of our team.

KPM Franklin is proud of female accomplishments in this field. We support the many women who bring their knowledge, creativity and skills to the table. Thank you to all the women engineers and an extra special thank you to every female on KPMF’s engineering team.

What is your education background?

Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering

What inspired you to go into the engineering field?

I have always been fascinated with buildings, bridges and the expansion of development. Originally, I went to college to become an architect. I quickly realized that was not what I wanted to do because I missed taking math classes and realized I wanted to be involved in the more technical aspect of construction and land development.

Why did you select civil engineering specifically?

My desire to design and build infrastructure that would help change lives and improve our society was what made me choose civil engineering. I wanted the work I did to make a difference and be something I could physically present and showcase to my family and friends.   

What are some of the highlights of your duties and responsibilities in your role?

My greatest highlight would be being able to turn an idea into a real-world structure. My role in projects allows me to manage, review and ultimately inspect projects during design and during construction.

What types of projects have you worked on?

I have worked on a good variety of projects ranging from commercial, industrial and residential.

What new skills have you developed while working in this industry?

I have learned the necessary steps, background information and permitting process needed to design and ultimately build something. This is a skill that you cannot learn in school.

What excites you the most about this industry?

Continued growth. Everyday presents a new milestone and a new problem to solve.

What is the best part about your job?

Seeing the ultimate creation of the project is the most rewarding part because you can come full circle and can say “wow, we did that.”  

Where are you looking to grow in your career as an engineer?

I’m looking to continue to grow within my community and expand my design, permitting and construction knowledge and expertise into other areas of Florida. 

What advice would you give others, especially other young women, who are interested in pursuing this career?

This is not an easy field especially as a woman but if you work hard, put in the dedication and effort needed to learn as much as you can from all different roles you will see the growth in your career. Every person plays a key role in the ultimate development and functionality of a project. Begin a well-rounded civil engineer will make a big difference in your career.

Thank you to Adriannis, our dedicated team and the many other females within the engineering field. We value your wisdom, ingenuity and talent.

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