ABC Fine Wine & Spirits

Project Overview

Project Summary

For more than 25 years, John Kelly PE, KPM Franklin’s president and chairman, has provided civil engineering services throughout Florida to ABC Liquors at nearly 100 ABC Fine Wine & Spirits retail locations and other ABC commercial properties.

KPM Franklin provides site development services throughout all project phases, from planning to full civil engineering site design, and on through approvals, permitting, construction and completion. Civil engineering design services include due diligence analysis, early site layout and planning, stormwater management systems, underground utilities, landscape architecture, irrigation design, obtaining required site approvals, close coordination with state and local agencies governing the site, permitting assistance and construction phase services. KPM Franklin also provides land surveying services to ABC.

ABC projects often involve the complexities of totally redeveloping a retail property in an urban setting while maintaining existing retail operations at the site throughout the entire project duration, avoiding down time and loss of revenue to ABC.

KPM Franklin’s project services for ABC that continue beyond project completion include ongoing inspections and recertification of stormwater management systems.

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