Fun Spot Roller Coaster

Project Overview

Project Summary

KPM Franklin was contracted by Rocky Mountain Construction to perform an unmanned aerial LiDAR survey and create a 3D point cloud and rail line extraction of the Mine Blower roller coaster at the Fun Spot theme park in Kissimmee, Florida.

During a 15-minute flight, more than 27 million individual points were collected by our hybrid electric/gas drone equipped with a LiDAR system and used to create a 3D point cloud. The rail line of the roller coaster’s wooden tracks was extracted from the point cloud and used by Rocky Mountain Construction to design a system of replacement steel tracks which will result in a smoother ride experience reduce and lower maintenance costs.

The scope of work included an unmanned aerial LiDAR survey, data processing and extraction, CAD drafting and 3D extraction of the roller coaster tracks.

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