The Importance of Due Diligence

What is Due Diligence?

Due diligence is an investigation, analysis or review performed to confirm facts or details of a matter under consideration. Before a construction plan is designed or a shovel goes into the ground, civil engineers will perform due diligence to ensure that the property is suitable for its intended purpose and mitigate any risks that could potentially arise during development.

Possible Risks of Not Including Due Diligence

By performing due diligence, you are helping yourself in the future. You’re building smart and getting the best build for your budget. Not taking the time for due diligence at the start of a project could lead to unforeseen errors, either costly or grievous.

Possible risks could include the following.

  • Economic losses
  • Delayed construction timeline
  • Legal consequences
  • Damage to business reputation or relationships

What KPM Franklin Provides to Developers for Due Diligence

KPM Franklin’s approach to due diligence is to review the best available information. This often includes readily available historic permit information from local permitting. We present the results of our due diligence analyses in a written document accompanied by figures to convey the information gathered.

It is possible to learn quite a bit from a due diligence study prior to developing a land parcel. KPM Franklin assists our clients with analyzing and understanding key criteria typical for civil site planning and development. Below are a few key aspects incorporated in our due diligence study.

Zoning and Land Use

This includes reviewing the zoning and future land use designations and any special overlay districts of the property.

Performance Standards

We look for building setbacks. This could incorporate aspects such as required buffer yards, maximum impervious coverage, maximum FAR, maximum building height, open space requirements and parking requirements.


We locate and identify utility providers and nearest connection locations for sanitary sewer, potable water and reclaimed water.

Stormwater and Drainage

This stage of due diligence often requires identifying the correct water management district requirements and local municipality requirements. We review all relevant FEMA flood hazard information. In the state of Florida, it is especially important to determine the permitted wetlands and conservation easement. We review of historic geotechnical analysis as performed on nearby projects.

Adjacent Roadway Information

This portion of the study will include observing the surrounding roadways to determine right of way widths, number of lanes, speed limit and jurisdictions of the roadway. Roadway due diligence also incorporates access management, involving the determination of roadway classifications, access points and restrictions.

All in all, due diligence studies are an integral first step for any construction project. KPM Franklin has invaluable experience assisting developers throughout Central Florida avoid timely and costly errors. Our engineers will work with clients from initial concept through project completion.

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